The community around Derumo.

All numbers were before the Wildborn attack

These towns each house around 1000 people. The slave camp varies from 800 to about 1200. The fortress has around 300 people within it’s walls. there are about 450 members of the Sussahn tribe of Terogue, who serve as soldiers, police and scavengers for the community.

Most people dwell within the fenced and gated towns, but there are those who live within the fields or in the nearby wilds. Each town has two Community houses, one of which belongs to the elder, the other is a privately owned concern. Each town has its own reserve of food as well.

Within the borders of the roads,there are fields that are worked communally. There are wheat, barley, bean, cotton, flax and hemp fields as well as several small fruit orchards. On the southern slope of the hill for the fortress is a vineyard. Outside the roads there are domestic cows, horses, mules, pigs, chickens and lamas. Although there are animals that suffer taint, any that show significant sign are slaughtered and cleansed as best as possible.

Although the area is not particularly welcoming of travelers or traders they do come and keep a small trade of outside goods. As is the case with most of these communities, when the Ravanna arrive, people both rejoice with the chance for a bit of a diversion, and cringe because of the theft. (And of course they worry constantly for their children who are often stolen by them!)


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