Experience the Scarthan World

A single step...

Two of the loyal members of our people, it is said, were called to a secret meeting by St’p, and perhaps even an avatar of Owl in the Day and they were given a great task. They were sent out to find resources that would be of great use against the possible Kinslayer, and they set off beneath the cover of darkness…But the wilds that our Mistress protected us from raised its head less than a day from our fair fields. They were beset by Su, but through the grace of the protective Ulpir, and good fortune, they survived this deadly encounter!

Continuing their trek, they happened upon a sight that few ever see, one of the structures of the ancients that was completely destroyed by some cataclysm. The missing bridge did little to encourage our fair heroes.


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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