The Scarthen Experience

I was there when Master Wildborn and his forces arrived. Not only did he have and entire tribe of Terogue but over a dozen wolfmen as well. His forces descended on Lady Sussahn’s forces, but there were those within her household who turned to the side of the invaders.

My Mistress fled while many of her loyal retainers were decimated. Even before order was established, Commander Leeh began executing household staff, retainers, and soldiers. The fury of the attack overwhelmed our house, but many fled and hid among the Blood Stock of Derumo. It was a hard time. It was a frightening time.

Let me tell you the tales…

The Scarthen World

The mythological age of the 20th Century is ancient history. Early in the following century, man, through technological meddling, released hell on earth. The Darkness swept like a raging flood over all the peoples of man. It was the dimmest twilight of man; the population dropped to less than 10 percent of what it was. And then the taint arrived, and the final billion souls peered into the abyss of extinction…

Then, from a shadow corner of the Kingdom of Ulmerica, came a savior, with a dark secret. Lukan Lucard, his family and companions were able to drive the demons back. Unable to defeat them entirely, they gathered the remains of man into strongholds, where they could be protected. However, the price of salvation was high.

Man still exists. The demons seem to be in check. But, now nearly all peoples are subject to the Ulpir and their inhuman appetites.

Is it better to be destroyed by unclean demonic entities, or to be protected, but fed upon by things in human guise?

Experience the Scarthan World

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