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  • Blood Stock

    The Bulk of the remaining human population. They are subject to an [[Ulpir | Ulpir]] Lord/Lady. They live in villages, towns or slave camps with varying degrees of freedom. But they are always under the cloud of their masters. They regularly have …

  • Half Dwarf

    Half-Dwarves, known derisively as "Shorts" have a human mother, and a Dwarven father. They avoid the taint sleep of their fathers, but inherit many of the benefits of his blood. |[[Main Page | Main Page]] | [[Races | Races]] |

  • Half Elf

    The Half Elves Are the offspring from an Elven father and a human mother. They enjoy many of their fathers fay benefits. | [[Main Page | Main Page]] | [[Races | Races]] |

  • Horse Riders

    The Horse riders are clans of descendents from those natives that provided aid to Lucard in the saving of the world. They are master of the horse, and by ancient decree, they are to be left to their own device and owe allegiance to no [[Ulpir | Ulpir]]. …

  • Lowlanders

    The lowlanders are the [[Blood Stock | Blood Stock]] from the most heavily populated areas. This gives them more comfort in "civilization" that the normal Blood Stock. | [[Main Page | Main Page]] | [[Races | Races]] |

  • Raul

    The Raul are a tribal people who embrace the Unlife as no other race of man. Occasionally, the totem is even a demon. They live in the wastes and the wilds, as well as in the hinterlands near other settlements. | [[Main Page | Main Page]] | [[Races | …

  • Ravanna

    Ravanna are a mysterious people. They truly travel y freely throughout the Scarthen world, seemingly free of the constant hounding of the Ulpir. They travel as gypsies and entertainers. They are always easily spotted because of their coppery skin and …

  • Tribal Peoples

    The tribal people are the remaining tribesmen that are not aligned with the [[Raul | Raul]] or the [[Terogue | Terogue]]. Their totems are always animals, never the Ulpir or demons. | [[Main Page | Main Page]] | [[Races | Races]] |

  • Ulpir Housholders

    Those human who keep the households of the Ulpir have a slightly different outlook than most other humans. They often are protected by the master of the house, and indeed are often the children of earlier lovers. Some are raised in families of …

  • wolfmen

    The werewolves are part wolf, part man. Standing up to seven feet tall, and heavily muscled, with shaggy fur, and wicked claws, but standing on two legs, and known tool users. Not really intelligent, but clever. Terrible and cruel at the worst of times …

  • Ghoul

    Human mutants who can only feed on the flesh of others humans. |[[Main Page | Main Page]]| [[Races | Races]] |

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