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  • Derumo

    h1. The Fortress of Derumo h3. The Western Hills of House Del Oro The fortress of Derumo was the domain of [[:oll-nalla-sussahn | Lady Sussahn]], until it was ruthlessly attacked and taken by [[:thefun-wildborn | Master Wildborn]]. It consists of …

  • Alavon

    Alavon is the bread basket of the Derumo community. Although all of the areas have comunal fields and various domesticated animals, the fields to the east of Alavon are particularly rich. |[[Main Page | Main Page]] | [[Places | Places]] |

  • Keenwa

    Keenwa is the most welcoming of the towns, and has the only true inn, [[The Dairy Maid]]. This is in addition to the two Common House's. It also has the only "Market Square" where families sell their excess eggs, carrots or potatoes regularly. When …

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