St'p Running

A powerfully built fireplug of a man, dark of skin, but red of hair.


St’p Running was the war chief of the Terogue tribe of Sussahn clan. He was out with a raiding party when the attack came, and when his warriors returned, the fortress was already overtaken. He now is in hiding with a few remaining warriors.

Before he was made war chief, most knew him not by his man name, but as Matae Small wind. But he demonstrated his skill, strength and leadership in many battles in defense of the Mistress, and she made him War Chief among the clan.


As a boy, he carried a large octagonal shield that was labled ST P, and as he was a fast runner, this became his name. He carries a flintlock pistol but relies much more on his axe, which he still uses with his now wooden backed shield.

St'p Running

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