• Chak O'Erts

    Chak O'Erts

    A tall thin half-elf that is notably dark in his coloring with a haunted look in his old brown eyes.
  • Moon of the Day

    Moon of the Day

    A horrifically scarred man, with a twisted nodule of what looks like flesh and fungi poking from the back of his collar
  • Dan'ma Leeh

    Dan'ma Leeh

    Ropy Raul, balding and heavily tattoo'd, his great agility belies his size.
  • Oll'Nalla Sussahn

    Oll'Nalla Sussahn

    An attractive blond forever at the hight of her mid-20's, with grace to spare.
  • Owl in the Day

    Owl in the Day

    An elderly Terogue with silver hair who dresses backwards. She is the shaman of the Sussahn tribe.
  • Rod'r Broken foot

    Rod'r Broken foot

    A Bloodstock with Inflamed skin around his neck with a notable limp
  • Satank Bell

    Satank Bell

    A wisened Ravanna, blind in one eye and walks with a cane.
  • St'p Running

    St'p Running

    A powerfully built fireplug of a man, dark of skin, but red of hair.
  • Thef'fun Wildborn

    Thef'fun Wildborn

    A strongly built, dark eyed cruel Ulpir overlord.
  • Ujarak  Keawa

    Ujarak Keawa

    A graying Horserider, with a crippled left leg who is nearly deaf.